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Hi everyone, 

I am fundraising for The Firefly Project, a charity that offers support to children and young people in London, the city that I have called home for 10 years. 

It’s a wonderful charity and to support them I have signed up for two bonkers challenges (especially when you consider the size of my gut and significant lack of athletic track record!):

1.    Paris Marathon
UPDATE: Completed on 2nd April in 4.04 hours! 

2.    Cycling from Lyon to Marseille
To come in June. This is a gruelling 4-day, 500km ride which includes scaling Mont Ventoux (i.e. one of the toughest climbs in the Tour de France. Eeeek)


Having tutored at local schools for a number of years I have witnessed first-hand the challenges facing London’s children and young people. 

Over 700,000 children in London are living in poverty right now. Every day these children face challenges which stop them reaching their potential and The Firefly Project wants to change this. 

The Firefly Project finds and funds impactful, innovative grassroots charities in London that will help children and young people realise their potential. The organisation has a great track record of supporting young charities such as The Felix Project and the Ruth Strauss Foundation.

Astonishingly fewer than 5% of charities receive 85% of total charitable income. Backing the Firefly Project is backing the grassroots charities that have the solutions to make a difference.

To find out more information about The Firefly Project, please visit the Quintessentially Foundation website here.


I recognise we are in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis and being able to make any donation at all is a luxury. Anything you feel able to give, however small, is hugely appreciated by myself and the charity. Thank you in advance for your support – it really does mean a lot. 


I am also delighted to riding as part of the MML Capital team alongside experienced MAMILs Rob Devonshire and Christian Brown.

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Paris Marathon COMPLETE

Wednesday 5th Apr
Delighted to have hobbled around Paris at the weekend in 4 hours and 4 minutes. Bring on Mont Ventoux!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Anand Sodha

Well in Shuggy


Dad, Mum, Ani, Omar & Zane

Crazy proud Shangerz!


Amar Shanghavi


Dragon Maker

cool events, proud of you for doing this - way to go



Proud of you mate


Richard Haywood

Go Amar !


Terry & Yvonne Gateley

Always knew you were the one with the real sporting potential! Stay strong Amar, it’s a great cause. Xx


Chirsty Bennett

Hope it all went ok looking forward to seeing some pictures.



Gwarn Shugs


Rob Critchley

Well done Amar !!


Dominic Mellett

Best of luck Amar


William Stewart


Luke Stepien


Clem Connor


Adam Joseph


Michael Osborne

Top work shugs. Rather you than me!


Simon Gateley

Great work Shang. Such a shame you hid this athletic ability for so many years at school, think what you could have achieved. Awesome effort - don’t forget the nutrition on the bike. Si x


James Chapman-andrews

Go for it Amar and team MML. Excellent cause. Definitely rather you than me, I'd blow another gasket! All the very best


Chris Fowler

Good luck to the MML team


Hiten Minal Yash Rohan

go onnnnn amar (bhai) :))) !!!!!!! good luck .


Jamie & Laurie Doyle

Slow down Shang!!


George Watson

Nice work Amar!!


Komal Sheth


Mw & Amslr

Huge respect Shang. Bonne chance for the cycle, and looking forward to more top insta content over the 4 days.


Henry A

Seriously speedy marathon Amar! Show CB how it's done on Ventoux


Richard Burke

Great effort Amar and team


Jack Cooper

Come on the boys! Huge achievement and fantastic cause xxx


Robyn Bryson

Amar, you've got this also!


Folkert De Jong

Go Amar!


Ali Shott

Go well Shang. Good luck up Ventoux


Sara Neves

So proud of you guys! Best of luck!


The Bano’s

Go well fella x


Maeve Mcguire



Alastair Miles

Great job at the mara mate and bust of luck in the saddle!


Nick & Jo Greig

Go on Shang's! Cracking cause mate and all the best for it xx


Omar Budeiri


Sheetal & Sagar

All the best Amar!!


Mike Walker

All the best on the ride mate


Jj Bowles

What a challenge! Well done.


Zishaan Arshad

Good luck mate - what a great cause


Lilly Cox



Andy Halton


Ror & Beth

Good on you Shang! Awesome cause - give it hell. All our love - Ror & Beth x (and Pax)


Tom Hayhurst


Chris Russell

Good luck Amar, I have cancelled the rest of this year's board meetings just in case.


Laura Maddison

Super impressive Amar - amazing effort for a great cause! Go smash it.


Jonny Abbott

Best of luck getting up Ventoux, that will be a fantastic achievement


Rob Cunningham

Top work mate. Am signing you up to the PM marathon club as am sure you now have the bug! Good luck with the ride!


Harry Sparks

Will double it if you beat CB


Tom Jervis

Best of luck mate, rather you than me!


Sharmz & Andreea

Played Shang!!!


Gauth And Roshni

Gwarn Shang, top effort for such a good cause!


Mac Jiju, Hen & Luna

Great work Shangerz Mama, keep at it!


Mr James Wilkinson

Go on Shang! Enjoy it!


Teddy Wadsworth

Hope you and CB smashed it!!


Raf Tuffin

Great effort Shang - good luck with the bike ride!


Elliott, Ben

Nice work Shanghavi - Great Marathon time. Make sure you pack that Chamois ;-)


Ben Young

Spin away Shang!


Alison Jackson

Good luck Amar. Enjoy the ride!


Lindsay Wolsey