Christian Brown

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The Firefly Project & it's charity partners.

Over 700,000 children in London are living in poverty. Every day these children face challenges which stop them reaching their potential and The Firefly Project wants to change this.

The Firefly Project focuses on children and young people battling the effects of poverty and disadvantage in London. It finds and funds impactful, innovative grassroots charities that help children and young people realise their potential. 

To find out more information about The Firefly Project, please visit the Quintessentially Foundation website here

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Timmy And Peat

From TB and CP… box on


Melita Brown

Great cause and good luck! X


Tom F

Best of luck mate!


Karan Darroch

Good Luck Christian!


Tim Henman

Just returning money that I win from you on the golf. Please get some practice in. Good luck with the cycling.


Sean Quinn



Go on fatboy! X


William Stewart



Yes CB. Bring it home. This is a tax to sit on your wheel all the way up.


Andrew Wells

Best of luck Christian!


Charles Nash

Have fun mate!


Henry A

Don't get beaten by Amar CB...


Alex Roy

Good luck mate!



Go on CB!


Robyn Bryson

You've got this too!


Nikhil Adwalpalkar

Do they do a Pine Valley cycling bib?


Jamie King


Tom Woods

Best of luck mate. Great cause



Best of luck mate!


Ross Macdonald

Good luck mate - great cause!


Yasmin Giovedi

Good Luck CB!


Harry Sparks

Quite an elaborate way of keeping the kgs off


Luke Parvin

Good luck mate!


Oliver Norman

Good luck mate!


Roy Tadpole



Ben Elliott

Go on CB ... I expect this donation back if either Amar or Rob finish in front of you given the price of that new bike ,,,,


Charles Devas

Go well CB!