Jasper Boyton

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The Firefly Project & it's charity partners.

Over 700,000 children in London are living in poverty. Every day these children face challenges which stop them reaching their potential and The Firefly Project wants to change this.

The Firefly Project focuses on children and young people battling the effects of poverty and disadvantage in London. It finds and funds impactful, innovative grassroots charities that help children and young people realise their potential. 

To find out more information about The Firefly Project, please visit the Quintessentially Foundation website here

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Bernice Corbett

Go for it Jasper. You make me very proud stay safe. Love you. Your mother




Helium London

God love you and all those like you. You are wile good. Jaysus I hate exercise of any kind and evidently I will pay to get out of doing it. I feel my conscience is cleansed now!!! Xxx Jenni


Traci Duran



John Corbett

Keep going Jasper. You are nearly there Well done. John


Richard Aseme


Robert Price


Maggie & Ivan Le-mihaiesi

Bravo Jasper! We hope there’s some fine wine and champagne at the end of this journey!


Yolanda And Marc Duran

Have fun!!!


Ashley White

I will be cheering for you the whole way Jasper! You got this


Jackie Rance

A small contribution to your fundraising. Jasper. Congratulations. Xx



Very well done Jasper! What a huge ride - look forward to hearing all about it


William Price

Pedal to some metal


Romain Godard

Good luck on that ride my dear! From Nicola and Romain


Charlie Hillman