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There is so much to be done !

I am fundraising for the Firefly project which supports charities such as : 


Over 700,000 children live in poverty in London . This rises to 53% of children in some boroughs.

Little Village redistributes clothes, toys and equipment for babies and children up to the age of five.


20/20 change is a youth empowerment organisation that works to create true inclusion in the workplace, so that unemployment no longer affects young black people disproportionately. This is achieved through their 10-week ‘I Am Change’ programme’ which equips young, out of work people with the skills and mind-set to make a successful transition from education to employment.


The Kids Network supports children at a crucial time in their lives as they transition from primary into secondary school. They do this by providing them with a volunteer mentor, a local hero from their London community. As a result of the programme: 94% of children reported feeling more confident, 82% were excited to go to school, and 76% were making positive choices for themselves. 

PLEASE help me to support those wonderful projects … I will give my best during that tough event in dedication to the ones in need ! THANK YOU 🙏

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More about the Firefly Project

Wednesday 10th Apr
Ask me more or have a look at the achievements. 

My first Ride with the TEAM

Tuesday 9th Apr
Great to meet everyone and a few laps around the park.

The Firefly project

Thursday 15th Feb

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