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Quintessentially Foundation is a charitable foundation set up to tackle child poverty and the limitations it places on the futures of children and young people. They do this by finding, funding and supporting small frontline charities well-positioned to make a big difference. Small frontline charities have some of the best solutions to society's biggest problems. However, they are often overlooked and underfunded. So, through Quintessentially Foundation’s flagship programme, ‘The Firefly Project', they scale their charity partners’ successful interventions for young people, tackling child poverty in all forms, by providing the charities with:

  • Unrestricted funding - so that our partner charities can invest in increasing their internal capacity and prepare for growth. 
  • Tailored organisational support – ensuring they develop the proper infrastructure for their model to increase the number of young people they support and optimise the quality of their impact. 
  • Untapped networks and connections – so that they can have more supporters amplifying their cause and, most notably so that they can continue to grow sustainably once our funding ends

To find out more information about The Firefly Project, please visit the Quintessentially Foundation website here.

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Good luck Stuart and Ray



Exceptional effort guys - we're pleased to be supporting from the comfort of the office 😬


Adam Nightingale

GO D3!!


Steve Walker

An epic undertaking mate! I have every faith that you’ll smash it 💪🏻


Dave Wynn

You’ve got this mate!! Proud of you for taking this on.


Caroline Choo

Superstars Stuart and Ray!


Elizabeth Stevenson

Probably best to lose some of your Dad bod before the event!! Love Mum


Christopher Stevenson

Go daddy! Mummy said you won't be able to sit on your bike for a month after this cycle. Can I add your cycling shoe to my toys collection?


Alexander L Stevenson

Good luck daddy! Mummy said we need to eat lots so we can push you around in the pram. Also I will take care of the balcony plants while you are away. Love you. Alex


Ioana Seiculescu

Good luck !!!


James Fenwick


Paul Cross

Smash it Stuart - just think of the PAN at the end if it 💪


Danny Wheeler


Stephen Waugh

Best of luck Stuart!! X


Andrew Riddell

Good luck mate!!


Ian Mcgregor

Go Fuzzy!




Mark Wilson


Martin Roberts

You are a mad man. Strong effort!!


Neil Macdonald


Gregor Dalziell

Best of luck Stuart. Only a few hills to tackle at least 😬




Matthew Fayle

Good luck and hopefully you'll still be able to walk after!


Richie Devaney

At least the downhill bit will be fun 😁


Ryan Kelly

Wishing you the best of luck Ray & Stuart!


Gavin Riddell


Paul Meikleham

Smash it Fuzz, you can do it 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻


Graeme Robb

Good luck Fuzz


Samantha Wilson